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Register research publications in DiVA

In accordance with the University President's decision as of March 16, 2007, all researchers are responsible for seeing that their research publications are registered in DiVA.

As a researcher you can let the library take care of the registration of your publications in DiVA. Just send us information and other documentation about them whenever you have published anything. Just send in information about individual publications or a list of several publications here:

From registration to presentation

Everything registered in DiVA should be able to be presented on the web sites of each researcher and research centre of each school. In short, it means that the registered information is drawn from DiVA and formatted into APA style literature references. Therefore, it is imperative that the registration is made as correctly as possible. This presentation is the representation of Jönköping University towards the research community, the Ministry of Education and Research and the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education, and other research sponsors.

Bibliographic review

The library reviews all bibliographic records that have been registered by researchers in DiVA. Priority is given to the quality review of journal articles (publication type: "Article in journal"). We check the entered information and make sure all details are correct.

Articles that have not yet been published or are published online as early view and have not been given complete year, volume, number, and page information, should not be given the status "Published". Instead, one of the other alternatives should be used, such as "Epub ahead of print", "Accepted", "In press" or "Submitted". 

Content updated 2020-09-22