The characteristics of three different types of periodicals. The column show every type of periodical and the rows show the characteristics.

Scholarly journals

Trade/professional journals

Popular magazines

Aim at scholars within the field

Aim at professionals within the field

Aim at the public

Present the results of research

Present information for those who work within a certain profession

Main aim is to inform and entertain the readers

Reviewers (referees) evaluate the articles prior to publication (peer reviewed)

Evaluated by the editor

Evaluated by the editor

The editors are usually well-established researchers

The editors are usually professionals within the field

Editor at the publishing firm

The authors are usually researcher affiliated with a university or research institute

The authors are professionals within the field

The articles are usually written by reporters of the magazine or freelance writers

Are published by universities or academic associations/ publishers

Are often published by professional associations

Are usually published by commercial publishers

Often illustrated with tables and diagrams, rarely with pictures

Occasionally illustrated

Often illustrated

The articles are usually long, contains footnotes and reference lists

The sources are rarely stated and footnotes and reference lists are seldom included

The articles are usually short and seldom contains footnotes or reference lists

Technical language

Language which includes som technical terminology but still easily comprehensible

Easy-to-understand language

Few ads, if any

The ads are directed towards professionals within the field

The ads are directed towards the general public