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style Type of education: Course
event Start date: Autumn week 44, 2023
place Location: Jönköping
clear_all Level: Advanced level

The course develops the ability to teach in English. It links theoretical perspectives, approaches and concepts, such as English as a foreign language (EFL), English as a medium of instruction (EMI), English for specific purposes (ESP) and content and language integrated learning (CLIL) together with pedagogical methods and scaffolding for language learning strategies.

Common strategies are contrasted and compared, with a focus on developing your ability to effectively select and use multiple language strategies to facilitate instruction. This includes practical applications outlined in research and proven experience that can be used effectively as tools to increase the linguistic breadth and competence of both teachers and students. The course content contributes to transformative pedagogical practices directly related to student teaching and learning.

Horizontal aims for Educate courses

The horizontal aims are to empower and enable teachers to solve problems in pedagogical environments, promote and participate in peer learning and co-creation, and expand their pedagogical repertoire to facilitate lifelong learning.

There are currently no extra materials for this course.

The education is conducted at: Educate
style Type of education: Course
verified_user Requirements: Employment as university teacher, doctoral student or equivalent. English proficiency corresponding to at least English 5 or the equivalent is required.
event Start date: Week 44, 2023
local_library Place of study: Campus
place Location: Jönköping
rotate_right Rate of study: 10%
clear_all Level: Advanced
data_usage Credits: 1.5 credits
language Language: English
access_time Length: 10 weeks

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