style Type of education: Educate
event Start date: 2023-04-20
place Location: Campus Jönköping
access_time Length: 13:15 - 17:00

Content and outcomes

The workshop will lead you to new perspectives on the diversity of experiences and expectations of teaching and learning practices in a multicultural classroom. We begin the work by building together an understanding of concepts such as internationalisation of curricula (IoC), inclusive internationalisation, intercultural competence and transferable skills by sharing our experiences and linking to research. The workshop also draws on participants' experiences of working in a global-local classroom. We then work together to find ways to develop students' and our own skills that strengthen intercultural competence, participation, impact and interaction, in your own subject and in interaction with other participants.

Horizontal aims for Educate workshops

The horizontal aims are to empower and enable teachers to solve problems in pedagogical environments, promote and participate in peer learning and co-creation, and expand their pedagogical repertoire to facilitate lifelong learning.

Photo from the workshop in spring 2023, with a few of the participants' take-aways from the session. Open photo Opens in new window..

The education is conducted at: Educate
verified_user Requirements: Undergraduate degree, 180 credits.
event Start date: Spring 2023
local_library Place of study: Campus
place Location: Campus Jönköping
rotate_right Rate of study: 10%
clear_all Level: Advanced
language Language: English

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