The first Educate workshop

In the autumn of 2022, with the first activity in September, the first ever Educate workshop was launched: Broadened participation

Together with Educate experts Emma Pavlov and Helena Svanängen, we at Educate have created a workshop and a course that contributes to increasing understanding and competence in broadening recruitment and participation at JU. Among other things, the workshop includes a short lecture on laws and regulations, conditions for supporting students and definitions of important terms and concepts to be able to apply theory in practice yourself.

Educate is happy to involve JU staff on a temporary basis to develop courses and other activities. We call them Educate experts. Sometimes this means that you get to meet them as teachers in the learning sessions - like Emma and Helena.

The learning opportunity has been offered twice during the autumn, once in Swedish and once in English. Both times it was appreciated by the participants, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Materials are often created for our learning sessions that contribute to the learning process, and allow you to go back to what you have learned again and again, when you need to. For the Widening Participation workshop, we created the pedagogical guide Broadened participation.