Certificates for Examination and Assessment seminars

The certificates for participants in the Educate activity Examination and Assessment have been sent out. The certificates also show how many of the sessions each participant attended.

Thank you to all participants who contributed to a great seminar series!

The seminars

The seminar series consisted of three sessions, and aims to develop your ability as a teacher to link content, objectives and examinations.

The first seminar focuses more on the current state of research on examinations and course objectives. Which theories and perspectives can be relevant for building a constructive link between examinations and course objectives where the student's learning is in focus? The second seminar highlights what is done today in different courses at JU. We focus on experiences and share as colleagues good examples but also challenging examinations. Finally, the third and last seminar focuses on the question of how I as a teacher can internalize and apply my new knowledge to my own course.


Each certificate has a unique identifier, so you can be sure that it can be validated and included in, for example, an educational portfolio. You will always receive the original certificate as a PDF file.

Have you participated in an activity without receiving a certificate? Want to know more about how Educate certificates work? Get in touch with us at educate@ju.se.

Educate certificate specimen