BRJU contains rules and guidelines for the different roles that teachers and researchers have at JU. Below is an extract from BRJU on the role of the course coordinator.

Link to Regulations and Guidelines for Education, BRJU.

BRJU in the list of steering documents on the JU Intranet

For each course, a teacher responsible for the course, course coordinator, and an examiner must be appointed. These roles should not be held by the same person. The teacher in charge of the course is responsible for the planning and implementation of a course or module.

The teacher responsible for the course is responsible for the evaluation of the course. Possible improvement measures identified during the course may be introduced on an ongoing basis if they do not interfere with the implementation and examination of the course according to the established syllabus. The results of the evaluation will be used as a basis for action in the order decided by each college. The results of previous course evaluations and the positions taken as a result must be reported by the course coordinator at the start of the course. The results shall be made available to the students.

Each school is responsible for ensuring that course evaluations are carried out and followed up. The results of course evaluations and the decisions made as a result of them must be reported by the course director, followed up and, if necessary, the course revised (BRJU).

Core activities

The core activities provide a starting point for you as a teacher, and also help you develop your courses while giving you a basic understanding of rules and administrative procedures, both those that are national and those that are specific to JU.

Academic Teaching and Learning 1 - Conditions and Pedagogical Perspectives

Academic Teaching and Learning 2 - Student Active Learning

Academic Teaching and Learning 3 – Broadened Participation

Academic Teaching and Learning 4 - Distance Education

Academic Teaching and Learning 5 - Examination and assessment

Recommended activities

In addition to the courses included in the core activities, we also recommend courses, seminars and workshops that are suitable for you as a newly employed teaching staff member at JU. These are courses that will strengthen you in your role and give you the opportunity to develop as a teacher based on your own needs.

Managing the Course

Seminars Examination and assessment

For each school

For specific guidelines and rules for each school, see below.

School of Health and Welfare

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School of Education and Communication

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School of Engineering

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Jönköping International Business School JIBS

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Jönköping University Enterprise

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