Industrial Design

Erik Tressing
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Additive manufacturing(AM) has seen comprehensive development in recent
years with new development within commercial products. This project studies
this development and applies it to innovate on VR facial interface developed
for exercise. In collaboration with Yovinn, a product development studio in
Gothenburg, Sweden.

A number of big companies (Adidas, new balance, specialized etc.) have developed consumer products from additive manufactured parts. They have used additive manufacturing to increase performance but also to drive innovation within the company. This project studied this development and applied it to a product within sport and leisure. Which resulted in an innovative VR facial interface that uses elastic lattice structure mesh.

The project researches the limitations and benefits of additive manufacturing, and explores
ideas how additive manufacturing can be applied to products for sport and leisure. The research and idea evaluation resulted in development of a facial interface padding for
exercise in virtual reality (VR).

Improving exercise in VR by making the facial interface with better distribution of forces,
lower isolation of heat, and easier to clean. The padding will be produced on demand to
allow for customer customizations using Twikit. An innovative and simple design was desired
to allow Yovinn to develop, manufacture, distribute and sell under their own name.

The project is developed in collaboration with Yovinn, a product development studio in
Gothenburg, Sweden. That offers expertise in the field of additive manufacturing.