JU Solar Team

Jönköping University Solar Team

Countdown to Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

The race is on!

Best of luck to JU Solar Team!

Our vision

One team, through creative engineering building a competitive solar car, crossing Australia and challenging the world in Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. We want to contribute to sustainability, innovation and a source of inspiration for younger generation.

Our challenge

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is the world’s biggest solar-powered car race. It started in 1987 and takes place every other year. In the competition, teams from all over the world are going to drive 3022 kilometers from the north to the south of Australia – from Darwin to Adelaide.

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Our solar car

This year, we have chosen to build on the same concept as Solveig. Our design for 2019 is calculated to have 20% less weight, 20% lower drag coefficient and improved efficiency for the electrical system.

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JU Solar Team


Upcoming Events

Car Unveiling

Finally, we have released our own Android game, and between 12-13 the 18th and 19th of September, in the JTH lobby we invite you for some coffee. Of course, to spice it up some more, there will be a competition in play. Join our Facebook-eventexternal link, opens in new window for more information.

Instagram feed

Is that... a SOLAR CAR GAME? 😯 It sure is 😉 Tomorrow we'll launch our very own JU Solar Team game! 😀🤩 Come join us in the JTH lobby for a chance to win MOVIE TICKETS 📽🎬 See our event on Facebook for more info ➡️ https://www.facebook.com/events/786259981792441/?ti=as #jusolarteam #justthegame #bwsc19

Just like last time we participated in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge we have built our own battery for the solar car! And as icing on the cake, Protech provided us with a custom made 3D-printed battery box. Protech has for 25 years been a part in establishing the Scandinavian 3D-printing industry. With a trusty and competent personnel, the company has created strong confidence amongst their clients. We in the JU Solar Team are very thankful for the support and enthusiasm they've given us this past year.

Today, we visited @atteviks as judges for their high school solar car race and as representatives for @jonkopinguni. The race is an initiative from @regionjkpg and this year, 4 different high schools participated. Projects like this are a great way to collectively work towards innovation and a more sustainable future, with knowledgeable juveniles and an encouraging industry 👏☀️

Last week we had our big unveiling event and our solar-powered car Axelent was displayed to the world for the very first time! This one is for all of you who couldn't join us at the event and to those of you who want to relive the moment again. ⠀ Head over to our Facebook to see the full-length video ➡️ https://m.facebook.com/JUSolarTeam/ ⠀ Make sure to keep following our adventure as we travel to Australia to participate in the biggest solar-powered car race in the world.

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