JU Solar Team

Jönköping University Solar Team

Our vision

One team through creative engineering building a competitive solar car, crossing Australia and challenging the world in Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. We want to contribute to sustainability, innovation and a source of inspiration for younger generation.

Our challenge

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is the world’s biggest solar-powered car race. It started in 1987 and takes place every other year. In the competition, teams from all over the world are going to drive 3022 kilometers from the north to the south of Australia – from Darwin to Adelaide.

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Our solar car

This year, we have chosen to build on the same concept as Solveig. Our design for 2019 is calculated to have 20% less weight, 20% lower drag coefficient and improved efficiency for the electrical system.

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JU Solar Team



JU Solar Team at the Student's Welcome Fair

18 January, 2019 - Campus arena, 12.00-13.30
We will participate in the Student's Welcome Fair, at Campus Arena. Meet the team, get an insight in the current status of the building and constructing, share your thoughts, or just have a nice chat with us.

Hope to see you there!

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