Internship at JIBS - FAQ

Internship at JIBS - FAQ

Who can take an internship course at JIBS?

As a programme student at JIBS you can do an internship during your elective semester, if you don’t choose to go for exchange studies. A 15 credit internship can then replace two “regular” JIBS 7,5 credit courses.

Can I register for an internship course at JIBS even if I am not a programme student?

No, only students enrolled in one of JIBS programmes with an elective semester, or a compulsory internship course, can register.

What is the purpose of doing an internship?

The purpose is to give you the opportunity to implement the knowledge you have acquired in your main field of study, and to give you experience in working practically within that field of study. There has to be a clear connection between the internship and your main field of study and the work you take part in should constitute a substantial part of the work of the organization, company or authority. An internship gives you a good opportunity to gain deeper insight into working life, as well as valuable contacts.

Where can I do an internship?

You can do the internship wherever you want (for non-EU students: Make sure that your visa allows you to come back to Sweden after the internship if you do it outside of Europe, or, to be safe, stay in Sweden/EU for the internship). Do consider the fact that it can be challenging to work as an intern in a country where the conditions are unfamiliar to you.

I have already done an internship/worked, can I have this registered as an internship course for credits?

No. The internship has to be pre-approved by JIBS and must take place during your programme studies.

Does the host company sign a contract with JIBS?

No, you as a student sign a contract with the host company, JIBS does not engage in any contractual relationship with the host company.

Do I need to sign a contract with the host company?

Yes, you have to show JIBS a contract stating the internship period, as well as a task description, and you also need to name a contact person with contact details in the host company.

Do I get paid for the internship?

That is up to you and the host company to negotiate, for the internship course it is irrelevant if and how much the host company pays you.

Do I get academic credits for the internship?

Yes, if you take the internship course as part of your programme studies. If the internship course is not a compolsury course in your programme you should approach the study counselor to confirm that you are eligible for the internship course.

How do I get the internship pre-approved?

Once you have secured an internship position, get in touch with the course examiner and provide him/her with a task description and a confirmation from the company. He/she will then approve the internship or, if the tasks do not meet the course requirements, reject it. As the specific way in which this approval is issued varies between internship courses, please obtain specific information from your study counsellor. If you are generally unsure if the tasks you are supposed to do at your internship qualify contact the examiner and ask for an informal opinion.

What work tasks should I do to get the internship pre-approved?

The job description must clarify that you will perform tasks that relates to your education and that are sufficiently advanced. The tasks should be clearly linked to your main field of study.

Think in terms of what kind of future jobs you are studying for. General examples (not necessarily related to your main field of study):

  • Project management
  • Marketing analyzes/Brand management
  • Situation analyzes
  • Organizational evaluations
  • Statistics handling and analysis
  • Work tasks where you have to be analytical.

Is there a certain timing during the term when the internship has to be taken?

Depends on the courses you are taking in parallel or in close connection, but generally no.

Can I count the credits for the internship to fulfill my requirements in my major field of study?

No. Only as elective (as stated in the course syllabus).

Do I need to do my internship in my major field of study?

Yes. You also need to meet the prerequisites. Please check the internship course syllabus. Found here or with your Study Counsellor.

Can I get support to find my internship?

The student fixes the internship by herself/himself. However, there are different kinds of support like:

Can I start my own business as an internship in Business Administration?

If you are a student in the programme Strategic Entrepreneurship, yes. Otherwise, no.

Am I insured during my internship?

The student has to make sure what applies in that specific situation and country. Check out:

Can I do an internship after my graduation?

No, not as a course for credits.

Can I do an internship on my own, not related to an internship course and without credits?

Yes, you can. But then you will not be registered for the internship course and it will not be part of your studies at JIBS. This also means that there are no time restrictions and no examinations. You do it for valuable experience but without support from JIBS.

What does it take to pass the course?

Four field note reflections and one internship report of scientific standards required by JIBS. For more details have a look in the course syllabus and study guide.

Can I work as a volunteer?

Typical volunteer work without qualified work tasks will not be approved. Examples such as teaching English and helping out in orphanages will not be approved for an internship, since they are not clearly connected to your main field of study and do not require your academic skills.

How many applications should I send?

There is no upper limit! But if you consider yourself unsuccessful, we recommend you contact Career center for an review of your CV and application letters, and maybe also talk to your Study counsellor about your options.

I need to send a certificate to my place of internship, proving that the internship will be a part of my studies. How can I get the certificate?

Contact your Study Counsellor.

Can you help me with my CV and application letter?

Please join information sessions arranged by Career Center. Career Center will give you useful information about how to apply and you can ask questions. Also, visit the Careers Centers activities such as CV and Cover Letter workshops, or book a personal meeting with a Career adviser. Have a look here

Can I divide my internship between different companies/organizations?

No you can't, not since you need a certain time in an organization to get the network, in-depth experience, possibility to carry out a project and so on.