Digital assessment

Campus-based Inspera exams at JU are performed on JU-computers If you are notified about your exam being a remote exam, you are expected to take your exam on a private PC or MAC.

Note! Do not use ChromeBooks when you are doing Inspera exams remotely, use PC or MAC only.

It is not possible to submit your exam when writing on a ChromeBook and your exam will not reach your examiner.

Unfortunately a message will be displayed on ChromeBooks stating that your browser is OK. This is due to the Chrome browser being the browser of choice on PC:s and MAC:s, it does not infer that you may continue with your ChromeBook.

On Chromebooks the "Submit now" button won't appear and thereby the exam will not be submitted.

Please spread this to your classmates!

The solution will be either to:

1. Borrow a PC or MAC
2. Go to a computer lab on campus
3. Make a case to the Exam group case management system and request if there are any open seats in our exam venues

After the exam

  • Once your exam has been assessed by your teacher, go to External link, opens in new window. and log on using your JU email adress and your JU account password. There you will find your results and marks. The teacher has the choice of publishing different amounts of your assessed exam.

    Now, you are also able to see your assessed exam as a PDF-file in the JU-app and at
  • Note: The examiner needs to check a box for student post submission review. Should it be the case, that you don NOT see the exam, please contact your examiner!
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