Digital Exam

Digital Exam

Digital exam in Inspera is performed on stationary JU-computers. Here you can find more information and links for writing digital exams in Inspera.

Digital exam JU

Preparations before exam

On exam day

  • Arrive to the examination venue at least 20 minutes before the exam starts
  • Don't forget to bring a valid ID (JU-card with valid student union stamp, driver's license, passport)
  • You need to be logged in 10 minutes before the exam starts to assure that everything works

Start the exam in Inspera

    You will get information in the exam venue how to start your exam

    After the exam

    • Once your exam has been assessed by your teacher, go to ju.inspera.comexternal link, opens in new window and log on using your JU email adress and your JU account password. There you will find your results and mark. The teacher has the choice of publishing different amounts of your assessed exam.

      Now, you are also able to see your assessed exam as a PDF-file in the JU-app and at