Tuition fees for international students

Tuition fees for international students

The following information applies to international students who pay tuition fees for courses and programmes at Jönköping University.

Students on an exchange at a partner university pay tuition fees at their home university, which is Jönköping University, regardless of whether they go on their exchange during their studies (or the year after their studies - JTH students only). Students must enroll for 30 ECTS credit courses for a semester during their exchange studies.

Students are asked to take the following situations into account when looking to apply for exchange studies.

  • Jönköping University cannot guarantee finding courses at partner universities during the exchange semester. If students cannot fulfil all their courses in their exchange semester, then students must take the courses when next held at Jönköping University to complete their degree, and at that time pay the current tuition fees to Jönköping University.
  • If students fail a course at the partner university, then they must take that course the next time it is held at Jönköping University, and pay tuition fees.
  • In addition, all students are responsible for paying the costs and fees that may occur in connection with the exchange.

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