Thesis Abroad

Thesis Abroad

Thesis abroad (HHJ Students) is a scholarship worth 4000 SEK and financed by School of Health and Welfare. This scholarship is meant to be a complement of MFS programme as a result of hard concurrence and limited MFS-places.

Fundamental Guidelines of Thesis abroad programme are similar to MFS-programme. Differences are following:

- The amount of scholarships: 10
- The scholarship is worth 4000 SEK

  • the period of time abroad might be shorter: 4-8 weeks.
  • students are not attending mandatory MFS-course in Härnösand organized by SIDA but they’re attending whole day preparatory workshop at School of Health and Welfare.

Application: you can apply for Thesis Abroad at the same time as for MFS-programme. In the application form you will have a possibility to confirm that you want to receive a “Thesis abroad scholarship” in case that you will not receive a MFS-scholarship.