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What is exchange studies?

Exchange studies mean that you, as a student at Jönköping University, have the opportunity to study one or two semesters, without paying tuition fee, at one of Jönköping University's partner universities. The partnerships are based on agreements and balance between incoming and outgoing students.

Who can apply?

See the heading "Requirements / Selection process" in this step.

Do I need to be a Swedish Citizen to go on exchange?

No. All students at Jönköping University are invited to apply. You may however need to arrange documentation (such as insurance and visas) via your home country.

Do I need to be a full-time student?

Yes, to participate in the exchange program with partner universities you need to be a full-time student.

What language skills are required?

See the heading "Language Requirements" in this step

When and where can I go?

See the heading "Your programme". The options for studying abroad vary between programmes.

What is IntApps?

IntApps is a database used by JU which contains information about partner universities and applications for exchange studies. It is also used for course approvals and course accreditations.

How much does it cost to go away for an exchange?

If you go through one of Jönköping University's exchange agreements, you do not pay any tuition fee at the partner university. You may be required to pay other costs; costs related to travel, insurance, study material and literature and of course living expenses. More information will be given to international fee paying students at Jönköping University.