Requirements / Selection process

Requirements / Selection process

It is important to meet the requirements for the School of Engineering to be able to participate in an exchange abroad.

When you apply, you must have at least 80% of the possible number of credits within your study programme. The credits must be approved and reported to Ladok by the deadline of the selection.

The selection is based on the following:

  1. Number of approved credits within your study programme at the School of Engineering
  2. Grade average
  3. Suitability for internship/final project work at a specific company

At this stage, the International Campus selection does not take study abroad points, from engagement in HI TECH, into account.

Additional information

It is not possible to participate in the exchange programme after year 2 (master students) or year 3 (bachelor students).

Continuation study requirements

In order to begin the second or third year in your study programme, a minimum number of credits from the programme’s earlier year must be completed. This criteria also applies to exchange study acceptance.


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