Exchange process

Exchange process

Here you can find some information about the exchange process for International Campus:

Step 1

Application to International Campus

- A link will be emailed to you a few weeks before the application deadline

Step 2


- You will receive an email with your offered exchange place from us if you meet the requirements

Step 3

Response to acceptance

- Accept offered exchange place within 10 days

- You also accept that you have read and understood this documentPDF

Step 4


- You will be nominated to the Partner University by the IC-Administration

Step 5

Formal application process to the Partner University (student responsible)

- Submit an online application including all neccessary documents before the deadline (the deadline varies between different partner universities)

- Ask for information from the partner university regarding course list, accommodation etc.

Step 6

Preparation meetings with IC-Administration

Step 7


- You must register in IntApps before your departure and enter your details (it is very important that your details appear in IntApps in the rare case of an emergency)

Step 8

Course approval

-Make sure that your selected courses at the partner university are approved by your programme manager/person accrediting your courses

-Enter your courses in IntApps and let your programme manager/person accrediting your courses know

Step 9

Receive a Letter of Acceptance from the partner university

-Apply for/organize the following:

- Visa


- Insurance

- Vaccination

- Scholarship