Content updated 2019-07-04


After you have accepted your offered exchange place, there are some steps you need to go through prior to departure.

  1. Nomination
    - You will be nominated to the Partner University by the IC-Administration
  2. Application to partner university
    - Check deadline for application and apply on time (the deadline varies between different partner universities)
    - Follow the instructions on the partner university website and/or given to you by the international coordinator at the partner university
    - Check which documents you need to prepare for your application
  3. Preparation meetings
    - Attend the offered preparation meetings with the IC-Administration
  4. VISA application
    When you have received your acceptance letter from the partner university, you can apply for a VISA.
    - Check the embassy website for information on the application process and which documents you need. You must have your acceptance letter from the partner university when you apply for a VISA.
    - Make sure your passport is valid
    - Sometimes the process can take time so start the application in time
  5. Organise insurance, vaccinations and book your flight ticket; look into possible scholarships and accommodation
    - It is your responsibility to make sure to check which vaccinations are compulsory or recommended to get prior to departure.
    - You have a liability insurance from JU which covers you while pursuing your internship/final project work at a company. You also have a general health insurance through JU from Kammarkollegiet. Please make sure to read the full terms and conditions here.
  6. Register in IntApps
    - You must add your courses and your personal details in IntApps before your departure (this is also important in the rare case of an emergency). Please follow instructions from the IC-Administration
    - Make sure that your selected courses at the partner university are approved by your programme manager/person accrediting your courses
  7. Apply for CSN
    - When your upcoming exhange semester has been added by the administration in Ladok, you can apply for CSN.
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