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Courses and accreditation

During your exchange semester you should study courses, that replace the courses you would have studied at JU. When your semester abroad is finished, you accredit the overseas courses into your programme at Jönköping University.

Finding course information

"Course package"

For most International Campuses there is already a "course package" available. However, sometimes late changes can occur to the planned courses. Your programme manager/accreditor will give you more information about a possible "course package" during the planned information sessions. Remember that you still need to apply for the courses at the partner university.

No "course package"

If there is no "course package" available, please find the latest updated information about the partner university's courses on their website.

Here is some advice to help with your search:

  • Find the page for the partner university's International Relations/International Office or the equivalent; they will often gather links for exchange students; also look for Exchange students or Erasmus students.
  • Find information about the university's programmes (possibly under the academic departments). You can sometimes find information about the courses there.
  • Search for a specific faculty of the partner university; faculties are often found under “schools/campuses/faculties” or similar.
  • Courses can be named: “courses", "units", "modules”. At some partner universities, programmes may be called “courses”.
  • If you are a bachelor student, you should search among courses at “undergraduate/bachelor” level. If you are a master student, look under the “graduate/postgraduate” level.
  • Use the University's search function. Do a course code search and see if you can find a course description.
  • Some universities have special handbooks where all courses can be found.
  • You will often find semester dates if you search for “academic calendar” or “term dates”.
  • Many universities have pages for International Students. You may find information there, but most of the information relates to international, tuition-fee paying, i.e. students who don't apply as exchange students.


You manage your course selections as an exchange student in the Intapps database. See the heading IntApps in the left hand menu for more information.

No replacement course/failing a course

The School of Engineering can't guarantee that you will find replacement courses for all of your JU courses during your exchange studies. If this happens, or if you fail a course at the partner university, you have to contact your accreditor and also discuss your situation with your study counsellor. You may then have to study the original programme course later on within your programme or take a replacement course at JU. Re-exams at the partner universities are very rare.

Accreditors at School of Engineering

Each programme at the School of Engineering, has an accreditor who approvs your selected courses in IntApps prior to your exchange semester and then approves the accreditation of your courses on your return (once your transcript has been received). If you don't get this approval in advance, you may not be able to accredit the overseas courses to your JU degree. If anything changes in your approved study plan, make sure you get the approval from your accreditor straight away.

These are the accreditors:

Civil Engineering

Ann-Marie Dahl, Kjell Nero/Thomas Olsson, Johanna Glans and Annika Moscati

Computer Engineering

Jasmin Jakupovic, Anders Arvidsson, Sonny Johansson, Anders Adlemo, He Tan and Einav Andersson/Martin Lindh

Industrial Production and Management

Vanajah Siva, Mats Thilén and Paraskeva Wlazlak

Product Development

Kent Salomonsson, Lars Eriksson, Roland Stolt

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