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Offers and information from Partner Universities

Here you can find information and offers from our partner universities.

Please note that these offers are not included in the exchange agreement nor will give you credits towards your degree at JTH. You will need to make all the arrangements yourself, as well as pay for any costs involved. All questions should be directed to the partner university directly.

We would like to invite Jonkoping University to join the educational project called V-LED (Virtual–Leadership Entrepreneurship Development) Program. V-LED is a virtual short course for university students that can supplement current coursework. This program was developed in response to the global pandemic that hindered many of our international and mobility activities.

The students from our partner networks had learned about CP conglomerate business, virtual company visits, Thai language, virtual cultural tour, and had an opportunity to present the latest business strategy in their countries to our CP executive team. They also had an opportunity to exchange culture, ideas, as well as friendships with new friends from different countries.

We have previously launched four projects of V-LED with over 20 partner universities across the globe. The components of the program were talks covering an introduction to the CP conglomerate business and its commitment to lifelong learning, virtual company visits, Thai language, virtual cultural tours, and the opportunity to present the latest business strategy in their countries to the CP executive team. V-LED is an opportunity to exchange culture, ideas, and develop friendships among students from different countries.

To learn more about the previous programs, please see below.

For the fifth cohort with the theme of Startup Business with Sustainable Development Goals is scheduled on 9, 11, 16 and 18 November 2021


If you are interested in participating in the course, please contact JU's International Office here (choose "Outgoing Exchange") External link, opens in new window.. (Please note: this offer is available to max 2 students).

Sailing into Science is an interdisciplinary summer school at Kiel University of Applied Sciences and on board of the traditional sailing ship Thor Heyerdahl from 30 July to 16 August 2021. It combines sailing with studying and active team work on the main topic of sustainable mobility. 30 German and international students from various departments will study and work together on different subtopics.

For students of our partner universities, grants covering most of the costs are available. We will provide more information at the end of April.


Information meeting 19 May, 12:00 CET



We are glad to announce that the HSB-International Summer School is going online this summer.

It will take place from July 5th till July 20th 2021. Your students are invited to apply from now on!

The deadline for application is the 25th of May 2021.

The program offer comprises 3 innovative and interactive virtual courses free of charge.

More details can be found on our webpage

Please feel free to contact us for further information:

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