Content updated 2019-06-25

Step 1: Before applying

All information about what you should do before applying for exchange studies can be found under step 1. When you have decided to apply for an exchange semester abroad the next step is to find out where you can go. The most important part is to apply to a Partner university that will fit your program. Spending some time finding the right place to apply to, before you begin your application, is well worth. This will ensure greater success with your exchange abroad.

Start to seek information about the partner universities you can apply to. It is important that you ensure that the partner university offers courses that you can accredit in your study program. Consider also how much money you want to spend; flight ticket, visa, insurance costs, living costs and so on.

You can find information about the partner university:

  • in IntApps
  • on the Student web
  • the partner universities web pages
  • former exchange student

Under Step 1 you will find the relevant deadline for your application. This information is under "Important dates".

If you want to know more about your opportunities please see "Opportunities" for you faculty.

To make sure you have done everything you need to, please see the checklist for step 1.

Every step has it own checklist and FAQ to make sure you get the correct information for where you are in the process of going on exchange. Please take advantage of the checklist and FAQ, if you are not able to find the correct information you are welcome to contact us through the button at the top right.


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