Before submitting an application for exchange studies, it is important that you obtain information about the partner universities so that you go to a university where you can find suitable courses.

Information about the partner universities

Find information on partner universities well before the date of application. Check that the university you select has courses in your field of study. Some of the agreements with partner universities are limited; the contract does not cover the whole university and you can only choose certain courses. You must meet eligibility requirements for courses at the partner university. Some agreements only apply to bachelor or master level, and this affects which courses you can choose. Master students must select a university where the agreement covers the graduate level in order to access the courses at that level.

Students may have to apply for a visa in connection with the exchange study. Before you apply, we recommend that you find out what visa requirements apply to you and for the country you want to go to. You can find that information on the websites of embassies and consulates.

Information about the partner universities and what courses they offer can be found:

  • In the Intapps database of partner universities. 
  • At university websites (for the latest information on courses).
  • At the International Relations Office you can access information about partner institutions and receive advice from us. We have partner information files, a printed library consisting of informational materials about each partner university (Please remember that the most updated information is available on the university's web sites).
  • Via information activities.
  • By making contact with students who have been abroad and exchange students who are at Jönköping University.
  • Via teachers in your department who have been on staff exchanges with our partner universities.

The application

The online application is open during the selection and you can change your choice (15 options possible) up until the deadline. See link at right.

International Campus

Students at the School of Engineering can apply for International Campus which means doing the industrial placement course, IPC/NFK, or Final project work/examensarbete combined with courses at a Partner Universities in Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, Brazil or USA. The International Campus does not apply for all study programs at JTH. There is a separate application process for International Campus, please see more information in IntApps, see link at right.


Course Selection

In this online application you do not specify which courses you wish yo take while studyinh abroad; this is done later in the application to the partner university. However, you must know that your chosen universities have courses in your field of study. Some agreements are limited and in these cases courses can only be selected from the faculties for which there is a contract. See the Intapps database for information. For more information about courses and accreditation.

One or two semesters

You may have the opportunity to go on exchange studies more than once (see eligibility). If you want to go on exchange studies for more than one semester, search for one place in the first selection, and the other one in the next selection. Most universities offer places for one semester, but some universities offer places for the whole academic year.

Going together

You may consider going with a friend, but both of you must select exactly the same university and periods. To seek places together can affect the selection outcome. Consider carefully what matters most to you in what you want from the exchange studies.

To not accept the place

You should have the intention to accept the place you get in the selection, so choose the university where you want to go and where you can find courses to suit your studies. Searching for and then not accepting an offered place puts you in a lower priority group the next time you want to apply for studies abroad (unless special circumstances exist). This is to prevent students from making exploratory applications as these interfere with the competition and are unfair to the other students.

Academic calendar

Make sure that the academic calendar at the host university fits the academic calendar at your school. You will find information about this on the partner university's website. Please note that the academic calendar dates in Intapps are preliminary.