During the exchange

During the exchange

Check your JU-email

Information from International Relations will be sent to your JU-email address during the exchange period. Check it regularly. We appreciate getting emails from students on exchange, and getting information about your stay at the partner university. You are also more than welcome to post pictures on Instagram. #JuOnExchange

Promote Jönköping University and your school

The possibilities for exchange studies are based on balance between incoming and outgoing exchange students between each partner university. It is very important to promote exchange studies at Jönköping University and your school among the students at the partner university in order to inspire them to come here on exchange. It is compulsory for all outbound exchange students to make a presentation at the partner university. It could be different marketing activities such as, a fair, presentation in a class room, or writing an article for a newsletter.

Upon arrival to the partner university, check on how this can be organized. And also remember, you are an ambassador for Jönköping University and your school, both at the university and on your leisure time.

Information materials

On the website you will find information about each school.

If you need any information materials like posters or brochures, contact International Relations at Jönköping University.

The website of Jönköping University and each school.

Swedish Institute web site - has information material and presentations about Sweden.


Presentation material, specific for HLK, see Intapps.


Presentation material, specific for JIBS, see Intapps.


The brochure for Exchange Studies at the School of Engineering

JTHs English web where incoming students find most of the information they might need about exchange at JU.

Presentations specific for JTH in pptx and pdf format is found on Intapps!


The brochure for Exchange Studies at the School of Health and Welfare HJJs English Web where incoming students find most of the information they might need about exchange at JU.

Presentations specific for HHJ in pptx and pdf format can be requested by emailing International Coordinator Lucie Weissova.

Information packages about JU can be send to your partner university. If you want to receive an information package please let us know to which address at your partner university to deliver and before which date you need the packages.

Course changes

Any course changes during the exchange must be updated and approved in Intapps. 

Transcript of records

At the end of your stay you need to make sure that your transcript of records is sent to Jönköping University. Ask at the International Office at your partner university and find out about the process.