Group: Doing What Matters

Want to do more of what matters to you? In this course you’ll learn workable skills that will enable you to take desirable steps towards the life you want to build! It can be about increasing your ability to concentrate on your studies or maintaining healthy relationships.

The counsellor will provide you with tools to learn how to accept difficult emotions instead of fighting them. You will learn to change the way you interact with difficult thoughts. By learning to be present you will be more flexible in your actions and you can start to set goals and take action, based on what is important to you.

Every session lasts for 2 hours. The treatment includes six sessions.

The course starts on 1st of March at 3:15 pm.

The course will be held on sex consecutive weeks every Tuesday afternoon.

Location: in House K. More information will come soon.

If you are interested to know more about this group treatment or sign up, please contact the Student Health Care by e-mailing

Last application date is 27 March 2022.

First come first served! Limited number of participants.

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