Various forms of harassment

Various forms of harassment

Jönköping University does not accept any form of victimisation, harassment or sexual harassment and will act rapidly if it should occur.

Discrimination – A simplified description of the Act’s definition of discrimination is: “The disfavouring or abusing of a person”. Such disfavouring or abuse has also to be linked to one of the seven grounds of discrimination.

Sexual harassment – Conduct of a sexual nature that violates someone’s dignity. It may be verbal, non-verbal or physical and via email, telephone or other channel of communication. The behaviour must be inappropriate/unwelcome.

Examples: verbal expressions of a sexual nature; physical abuse such as contact, patting, pinching and brushing against another person’s body; showing of pornographic images; etc.

Harassment – Conduct that violates someone’s dignity and is connected with any of the grounds of discrimination. It may be actions, behaviour, treatment, etc. The conduct may be physical, verbal or non-verbal.

Examples: derogatory names; abusive gestures; comments on behaviour or appearance; ridiculing; humiliation; racist displays; graffiti; etc.

Victimisation – Is defined in, amongst other things, Sweden’s Work Environment Act and entails actions abusively directed towards one or more individuals and which may lead to exclusion and ill health.

Link to the Equality Ombudsman (DO).

Link to JU’s provisions (currently being drawn up).