Information about Ladok

Information about Ladok

Ladok is now open!

StudentLadok is the University's web-based, study administration system. In StudentLadok you can:

  • register for courses
  • register for exams
  • see your results
  • create certificates: Certificate of anticipated participation, Certificate of Registration, Result certificate and National result certificate
  • see your courses
  • apply for your degree certificate
  • update your contact information

Please note! In StudentLadok and JU Mobile, you will not be able to see information about exams held in March and April. Please refer to your confirmation email.

Log in to StudentLadok

You log in to StudentLadok with your student account at Click on the blue button ’Välj lärosäte för inloggning’ / ’Select higher education to login’. Select ’Jönköping University’ in the list of universities, then click on ’Proceed to login’.

Check your email

You need to log into StudentLadok to choose to what email address you want the system to send details on exam results etc. You can find your contact information under ’My pages’.

Scheduled Interruptions

Every night, between 2am and 3am

  • June 12 5:30 am–9 am
  • June 19-20 4 pm -11 am
  • June 21 5:30 am–9 am
  • July 5 5:30 am–9 am
  • August 16 5:30 am–9 am
  • August 30 5:30 am–9 am
  • September 5:30 am–9 am
  • September 19-20 4 pm -11 am
  • September 27 5:30 am - 9 am


Any questions? Please feel free to contact us via our case management system or visit Service Center.