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Announce Arrival for Accommodation

By now, you should have already applied for student housing through our Accommodation Office.

Make sure you announce your arrival to Accommodation Office between July 1-20 to confirm your application. Note: if you do not announce your arrival, you will lose your guaranteed accommodation.

Keep in mind that there is a housing shortage, so students are strongly urged to follow through with the student housing application.

More details about announcing your arrival, pick-up weekend, and contact info here.

Check Roll Call, Schedule,etc.

When you select your programme from the menu above, you will also find additional info, such as your entire schedule for Introduction Week, as well as some other useful links and information.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with everything on this page, so that you’ll be better prepared when you arrive!

Visit the Student Web

The Student Web is your resource for finding schedules, academic calendar, course syllabuses, etc.

Attend Roll Call

On the first day of Introduction Week, Monday August 19th, you are expected to attend the obligatory roll call for your programme. You’ll find the location and time for your roll call when you select your programme from the pull down menu above. Attending roll-call is compulsory for new students.

I cannot attend roll call

If you cannot attend roll call for any reason, contact us here and inform us immediately.

Important: Latecomers must attend an IT session and complete the registration process upon arrival. Check the schedule at our Service Center to find the nest available session.

Register and activate your JU user account

Important: International students will only be able to register once they have attended the mandatory registration session at Campus Arena (see your schedule) and receive a registration envelope.

Once you arrive you will need to register for your programme and activate your JU user account.

  1. Attend your specific programme’s roll call (see above) on Monday, August 19th.
  2. Attend Registration for international students at Campus Arena (see schedule) to get your registration card with "T-number" - which will allow you to register. NOTE: You must bring your Passport/ID with you to this session.
  3. With your "T-number" and an email address, you will be able to request a one-time password to create and register your user account here:

Note: Master students at the School of Education and Communication will receive their "T-number" during roll call.

IT Introduction

Please view the film below about creating an user account, getting a e-mail address, finding your courses and more at Jönköping University.

Order the JU Card

You need a JU card to access premises on campus, borrow books from the University Library, access printers, get student discounts, etc. You should order your JU card when activating your account. More info can be found at

Join the Student Union

The Student Union is a great resource for students – they influence the quality of education, arrange activities and trips, carry out various projects, and much more. The Student Union is located in the Students’ House.

At JU, it is compulsory for all students to become members of Jönköping Student Union.

The student union fee is included in the tuition for tuition-fee paying students, however, all other students are required to pay the membership fee separately. Read more and pay the fee here.

Download our App: JU Mobile

JU Mobile allows you to access your schedule through the app as well as book rooms, register for exams, see your study results, view the news, etc. You can download it on the App Store, or Google Play.

Get a PayPal Account

As a student you need a PayPal accountexternal link, opens in new window to pay for printouts. More info on printing hereexternal link, opens in new window.

Visit Service Center

The staff at Service Center will guide you with general study related questions, certificates, directions, etc. More info. here.


A welcome message from the Student Union. Here is a first glance into the student life in Jönköping

Insurance for international students at JU

Before arriving in Sweden, it is important to ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage. Read more.

Swedish Language Course

Take the opportunity to learn the language alongside your studies and get an introduction to Swedish culture and society. Read more and apply.

Jönköping Student Union

Jönköping Student Union

The Student Union is run by students, for students. It is compulsory for all students to be members of Jönköping Student Union. Read more here.

Contact JU

If you have any questions please contact us here.