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You are responsible to cover your own insurance prior to your departure from Sweden.

Health & liability insurance

 From 1 January 2021, all outgoing exchange students will be covered by Kammarkollegiets Student Out insurance.

This insurance applies for students at JU that are going on an exchange (studies/internships) through their study program at JU and to a receiving university/internship that has an agreement with JU. Since this is a group insurance, it offers a basic medical and travel cover.

As each individual's need for insurance may differ, please make sure to read the full conditions from Kammarkollegiet.

Please note that some host universities may require you to purchase their own campus insurance as well. In some cases this can be quite expensive, so please make sure to check this out!

Click here for more information about the Student OUT insurance, how to make a claim and emergency contact details.

Liability insurance during internship

"The liability insurance at Jönköping University covers damage, caused by a student, during their time at a work place as part of an ongoing study programme. The insurance is valid in the whole world. When damage has occurred, there should be a claim made as soon as possible. The insurance covers damage caused for up to 10 million SEK."