Campus Vietnam

Campus Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City is the only one of our campuses where, in addition to the option to do NFK in combination with studying courses, we can also offer our students the option to only do their NFK. When the student chooses to do only NFK, this happens during the same period as at Jönköping University and the student chooses to study courses in parallel. These courses are taken at Ho Chi Minh City International University. We collaborate with a mix of Swedish and International companies in Ho Chi Minh. The companies that have or have previously had the privilege to cooperate with students from Jönköping University, include IKEA, UMA, Fine Interior, Molution, Wunderlabel, Zwilling, Sapa and Atlas Industries.

This campus is appropriate for students of the following programmes:

Building engineering/Civil engineering

Architectural engineering

Logistics and management

Sustainable Supply Chain Management