Annonser för HHJ

Annonser för HHJ

Asia Internship

On-Campus Job - Business Development Assistant

Continuous recruitment


Asia Internship provides various programs culture and career related programs in the following countries and regions: China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Indonesia, Hong Kong and so on.

We believe traveling and participating are the best education. Through our well-designed and supervised programs, one will not only develop him/herself professionally by working/ in a business setting in an Asian company and volunteering in the most needed NGOs, but also grow personally by challenging him/herself of living in a foreign country. 


Programs we run include Internships, Volunteering, Study Tours, Language Study and so on. 


Asia Internship is looking for university ambassador to fully represent Asia Internship and its products within the ambassador’s connects within or outside of his/her university. 


Asia Internship Website:




NOTE: This position requires no fees to apply or join




Roles and Responsibilities of Ambassador(You):

Promote Asia Internship and its programs to your peers and friends

Share your personal experience, if any, create awareness and promote Asia as an attractive destination

Generate, collect and refer interested potential candidates to Asia Internship

Hand out marketing flyers/brochures

Participate in events such as student job fairs and others which you think would generate potential participants 


Asia Internship(We): 

Provide all relevant program contents and materials

Answer any queries you have

Endeavoured to convert referrals into sales

Manage candidate once accepted into the program

Pay commission for every successful referred candidate to purchase program 





Business oriented - be proactive of promoting our programs to interested parties 

Outgoing character, good communicator 

Some knowledge of Asia/Chinese culture is preferred 

Can work independently




Benefits for Ambassador 


A referral commission will be paid for every successful sale from 80USD to 450USD (China program), others will be adjusted according to programs


Career Development 

Professional experience gained whilst studying full time 

Supervision and feedback from Asia Internship

Staying connected to the Asian business community 

Establish personal branding amongst peers and with the institution 

Reference Letter and Job recommendation from Asia Internship

Potential for permanent employment

Discount if you wish to participant in our program(s) - we offer 10% discount if proven you have been actively promoting our programs for minimum 3 month’s time




If you are interested please send us an email to with the subject “Application for Campus Ambassador + University’s name”


Application e-mail:


Expiration date

Asia Internship

Part-time job


  • IT/elechtrotechnology
  • Building technology/Lighting
  • Engineering/Product development/Industrial design/Production management
  • Industrial organization and economy/Production logistics
  • Other


  • School of Engineering
  • Jönköping International Business School
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Education and Communication