The Swedisch Bank Research Foundation
(Bankforskningsinstitutet, BFI)

The Swedish Bank Research Foundation (Bankforskningsinstitutet, BFI) supports
academic research on financial institutions and markets. The Swedish Bank Research Foundation awards scholarships especially for PhDstudents, carrying out research in the selected field.

Call for scholarship applications 2020:
Individual scholarships for PhD students to cover living cost and related research expenses for up to one year at a time.
Individual scholarships for post-doc researchers can in exceptional cases also be considered. Applicants who has received a scholarship can be considered for supplementary grants to cover costs of special research expenses that are essential to a particular project as well as travel grants. Applications for these grants are made on a separate form.
The size of the grants for academic year 2020/2021 will be determined by the foundation's board of directors at its spring meeting.

In academic year 2019/2020,
grants to projects conducted for an entire year were (in SEK):
Doctoral Candidates
Personal scholarships 260,000
Insurance (Health, accident) and retirement contribution 60,000
Research expenses 25,000
Post-doc Researchers
Personal stipend 400,000
Insurance (Health, accident) and retirement contribution 85,000
Research expenses 40,000

Applications for grants must be submitted by e-mail to not later than Friday April 17, 2020.

Please included the application form, an updated
CV and, if available, your research papers. A letter of recommendation should be sent directly by the advisor to before the deadline.

Application forms are available on the web:
Further information on the grants provided by Professor Clas Bergström, e-mail: