Industrial Design

Teknologie Masterexamen med huvudområdet Produktutveckling, inriktning Industridesign, 120 hp

Studieort: Jönköping

Programstart: Hösten 2018

This Master's programme provides the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and creativity within the area of industrial design. You will learn more about the whole design process from a human point of view, with a focus on usability, ergonomics, aesthetics, materials and production, as well as drafting techniques and visualisation.

The courses has an interdisciplinary approach and is guided by the relationship between humans and products. The programme provides students the opportunity to use a variety of tools to quickly visualize ideas and concepts in order to develop their creativity in the design studio and through model workshops. Students also learn to formulate and present ideas and solutions and identify new products and opportunities. A considerable part of this Master's programme is run in project form, implementing projects in collaboration with a company.

Two tracks

The Master's programme is made up of two tracks, each of them running during two semesters/one year. The first year you study the track "The Man and the Product" and you will learn more about design communications, business and ergonomics. The second year's track is called "The Company and the Environment", and you will then focus on projects within the area of industrial design.

International perspective

All courses are conducted in English and you study together with other international students. There are possibilities for you to study one semester abroad at one of our partner universities.

Industrial placement

Our Industrial Placement Course gives you five weeks of internship in a company or another organization. The purpose is to you an understanding of future work tasks and how these are related to your education.

Career Prospects

On completion of the degree, you will be well prepared for work on industrial design projects, or as a consultant. If you are interested in a career in research contexts, the programme also provides a firm foundation for future research work.

Next generation of engineers

The School of Engineering, Jönköping University, is a member of the prestigious collaborative between leading engineering schools worldwide - the CDIO Initiative™. The CDIO Initiative is an innovative educational framework to conceive and develop a new vision of engineering education and for producing the next generation of engineers. More information, see CDIO

Programmet ges vid Tekniska högskolan
Omfattning: 120 hp
Nivå: Avancerad nivå
Studietakt: Helfart
Ort: Jönköping
Studieform: Campusbaserad
Språk: Undervisningen bedrivs på engelska
Programstart: Hösten 2018
Sista anmälan: 2018-04-16
Anmälningskod: HJ-MS142
Behörighet: Examen om minst 180 hp med lägst 90 hp inom huvudområdet maskinteknik eller byggnadsteknik (med relevanta kurser inom konstruktionsteknik och utformning) eller motsvarande svensk eller utländsk utbildning. Dessutom krävs 15 hp i matematik samt kunskaper i Engelska 6/Engelska B. Därutöver krävs godkänt arbetsprov som visar konstnärlig förmåga samt fallenhet för yrket.
Urval: Grupp 1: Examen om minst 180 hp Rangordning sker efter antal avklarade poäng. Grupp 2: 150-179 hp. Rangordning sker efter antal avklarde poäng
Examen: Teknologie Masterexamen med huvudområdet Produktutveckling, inriktning Industridesign

Preliminary list of courses.

Year 1

Design Communication 1 9 Ccedits
Design Philosophy and Practice (Human Factors 1) 6 credits
Industrial Product Realisation Process - Methods - Leadership 9 credits
Materials and Design 6 credits
Design Communication 2 9 credits
Ergonomics (Human Factors 2) 15 credits
Elective Course: Business And Economy 6 credits
Elective Course: Mathematical Statistics 6 credits
The course Mathematical Statistics is compulsory to students entering the programme with less than 21 ECTS credits in Mathematics in order to obtain a master’s degree.

Year 2

Industrial Design Project 9 credits
Design Communication 3 6 credits
Industrial Placement Course 9 credits
Design and Emotion (Human Factors 3) 6 credits
Final Thesis Work, Master 30 credits

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