“They developed us to face the professional world.”

I have always had the desire to craft something new and unique. I chose JU for my Master’s because of the campus’s unique flair. It’s not every day that you meet and work closely with people from all over the world, but at JU, this is just another day.

Jose Joshy, Mechanical Design Engineer at Sigma

Jose Joshy, Mechanical Design Engineer at Sigma

Venturing out from your home country to a completely new destination was adventurous but at the same time a bit scary. However, once you get acquainted to the people and the lifestyle here, you’re no stranger anymore.

I now work as a mechanical design engineer for the fast growing Swedish IT consulting company Sigma.

My current assignment is a development project at IKEA. My usual day consists of making 3D models, documentation, mechanical testing & calculation for the future development and safety of bedroom storage furniture, working closely with the suppliers and production engineers developing and implementing solutions. When in Sweden, working at IKEA
itself is a story that needs no further explanation and I’m grateful for embarking on this journey.

JU has inspired me in a lot of ways. One is the knowledge passed on to us from a line of exceptionally friendly professors. They were super helpful, not only when it came to studies, but also developed us to face the professional world.
JU is more than a school, instead it’s a feeling of belonging to the JU community – where you bump into people from all across the globe.

At least where I come from, it’s not that often people end up doing what they love. In my case I could be totally sure about that, and I am fortunate because of the enormous support I got from my professors and my parents.

Jose Joshy
Former student, Industrial Design
School of Engineering

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