Disa Bergnehr. Associate Professor, Department of Behavioural Science and Social work, JU

The everyday life, social relationships, and psychological health of immigrant youth.

Sweden has generously granted residency to asylum applicants since the 1970s, and the past decades, large numbers of people have immigrated due to war and persecution. 17 % of the Swedish population was born in another country and 1/5 of the children are of foreign origin, many of those from the Middle East. More knowledge is needed on resettlement processes, and on parents’ and children’s acculturation strategies. The present project investigates the everyday life of newly arrived immigrant youth. Social relations, leisure activities, and psychological health, and how these may change over time, are explored.

Contact: Disa Bergnehr. Associate Professor, Department of Social work, School of Health and Welfare, Jönköping University.