Birgitta Ander, PhD Student of Social Work, JU

The studies are part of a dissertation-project “Meaning of arenas and networks for youth binge drinking and use of illegal substances”. Apart from two studies based on LoRDIA material, the dissertation also contains two published ethnographic inspired studies dealing with the meaning of parties and the arenas of parties. A few years ago, groups a adolescents used to meet at public places, like bus stops, parks and railway stations but they have now moved indoors to home environments. One consequence of this is that social workers and police no longer have access to these arenas and therefore lack knowledge of what is happening. The only grownups that have access are the parents, but most parties are held in the absence of them.

Study three (submitted), Onset of Use of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs in Early Adolescence. Logistic regression analyses of factors potentially associated with four types of substance use (tobacco, alcohol drinking, alcohol drunkenness and drug use) were tested. Access to substances, perceived parental approval, delinquent behavior were the primary predictors.

Study four (ongoing), The Importance of Different Arenas on Substance Use.

Contact: Birgitta Ander, PhD Student of Social Work, Department of Social Work, School of Health and Welfare, Jönköping University.

Birgitta's research is described in an article in A&N which is published by CAN.