ICoHN is a collaborative learning system to support existing and new communities of practice. With an overarching goal of improving health.

ICoHN has three aims:

  1. to discover and explore the meaning and application of the idea of service coproduction in diverse sectors of the social and health system
  2. to pilot these emerging insights in real professional development, research, service and community settings
  3. to share lessons learned to promote “cross-­fertilization” and further dissemination of improvements and innovations

Feedback from the potential members, students, participating patients.

Founder and Development Partners

Jönköping Academy (JA)/Center for Coproduction and The Dartmouth Institute (TDI).

JA: Profs. Boel Andersson-Gäre, Glenn Robert, and Sofia Kjellström
TDI: Profs. Paul Batalden, Eugene Nelson and Glyn Elwyn


The ICoHN team

  • Boel Andersson Gäre

    Boel Andersson Gäre

    Pediatrician, epidemiologist and outcomes researcher. Deeply engaged in learning and acting for improvement of health through interactive improvement research, networking, coproduction and co-design.

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  • Paul Batalden

    Paul B. Batalden

    Trained as a pediatrician, worked 40+ years as a student of healthcare service improvement. Now focused on service coproduction and value-creating systems. Loves to make “frames” to think, work in.
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  • Glenn Robert

    Sociologist. Studies, develops and evaluates innovations in organisation & delivery of health care services as well as quality improvement interventions. Specific interests in participatory (co-) design and co-production.
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  • Cristin Lind

    Cristin Lind

    is a facilitator and change leader passionate about helping people to collaborate in innovative ways that create value for the greater good.
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  • Christian von Plessen

    Christian von Plessen

    is as senior advisor for health care quality and safety to the Health Authority of the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland. In addition, he works as a senior physician at the University Centre for General Medicine and Public Health in Lausanne.
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  • Eugene Nelson

    Eugene C. Nelson

    A doctorate in healthcare, worked since 1978 on improving outcomes, service delivery and health research. Now focused on learning health systems for coproducing health, healthcare value, and science.
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  • Glyn Elwyn

    Glyn Elwyn

    Studies coproduction and shared decision making at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, USA, and at the Scientific Institute for Quality of Healthcare, Netherlands.
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  • Joy McAvoy

    Joy McAvoy

    Finds satisfaction and enjoyment working with a diverse group of people who are intent on improving health care. Currently helps in facilitating the development of ICoHN.
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  • Tina Foster

    Tina Foster

    Ob-gyn and Preventive Medicine physician and educator who seeks to understand how we can best coproduce both care and education in different contexts around the world.
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  • Rachel Forcino

    Rachel Forcino

    Coproduction researcher whose work focuses on shared decision-making implementation and measurement. She helps to facilitate the ICoHN Communities of Practice.
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  • Sofie Rotstedt

    Sofie Rotstedt

    Working at Jönköping Academy at the School of Health and Welfare in Sweden. Enjoys the environment with so many interesting research projects. Helps in the work with the ICoHN web page.
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  • Brant J Oliver

    Brant J. Oliver

    Dr. Oliver is an Associate Professor at Dartmouth. He uses improvement, implementation and research methods to optimize population health outcomes in "3C" (costly, complex, and chronic) health conditions including MS and IBD.
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  • Thomas Schneider

    Improvement leader and researcher in health and social sector organizations. Engaged understanding value-creation on individual, organizational and policy levels.
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