The Power of Coproduction is a podcast series about redesigning health care services to achieve better health through mutual respect, collaboration, and science-informed practices

With the help of guests and their stories, the podcasts explore the lived experiences of patients and professionals engaged in the use and design of services to achieve better health for individuals and populations through mutual respect, collaboration, and science-informed practice. The episodes describe many forms of useful “knowing” that can contribute to and become integral to daily work and benefit learners, practitioners, beneficiaries, improvers, and researchers.

Paul has been outlining this podcast series in his head, both the topics and the stories that would best illustrate them, for some time

The production team has had the enviable task of working with Paul regularly for several months to turn his thinking into a cogent set of episodes and to determine the best way for listeners to access them.

The Power of Coproduction podcast series is now available thanks to the communication technology and internet homes at the International Coproduction of Health Network (ICoHN) at the Jönköping Academy for the Improvement of Health and Welfare in Jönköping University in Sweden, the Health Assessment Laboratory at Dartmouth and The Coproduction Laboratory in The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice in the Geisel School of Medicine in the US.

Each episode in the podcast series highlights a different dimension of coproduction

Each episode in the podcast series highlights a different dimension of coproduction and over the course of the series, it becomes evident how all the dimensions are interrelated. Paul is joined on each episode by one or two guests whose stories help illustrate how coproduction offers a new lens and way of doing things to achieve optimal care. Every episode concludes with Paul’s 'takeaways', consisting of key lessons, new ideas to ponder, and encouragement to start applying them.

For those interested in further exploration, a set of study questions and some helpful references can be found in the supplementary materials that will accompany each podcast on this website.

For those eager to discuss the episodes in the podcast series with other listeners, Paul and his colleagues will be facilitating conversation thru LinkedIn External link, opens in new window.. You can also reach us by sending an inquiry to

Eventually, transcripts and selected language translations will be available on this website.