Authors: Birgitta Ander, Eleonor I. Fransson, Disa Bergnehr, Arne Gerdner


Problem: Early onset, prevalence, and predictors of substance use –
tobacco, alcohol-drinking, alcohol-drunkenness, and drugs – were
studied in 13 and 14-year-old boys and girls in Sweden.

Self-reported data in four communities were used (n = 1,716). A large
set of psychological and social factors were tried as predictors of
early onset use (n = 1,459).

Results: There were few gender differences
and low prevalence. Primary predictor for early onset in
tobacco use was availability; perceived parental approval for alcohol
use, and delinquent behaviors for alcohol-drunkenness and drug use.

Conclusions: Individual behavioral factors and parental norms seem
to be most important in this age.

This research is financed by:

Swedish Research Council, FORTE, VINNOVA, Formas

Contact: Birgitta Ander