The overall mission of CEnSE is to organize, support, and carry out innovative, high-quality, basic as well as policy relevant research on entrepreneurship and spatial economics at JIBS, aiming at international publication in journals and books with a peer review process and in the form of dissertations.

The mission of CEnSE is also to be a resource and knowledge hub for industry and its organizations, NGOs and for governments internationally, nationally, regionally and locally.

CEnSE is a multi-disciplinary institute that performs applied research relating to issues of entrepreneurship and business renewal, regional development and growth and interrelation between urban and rural areas. A substantial part of CEnSE research addresses policy relevant problems, for example how accessibility affects regional growth and the way entrepreneurial and innovative processes in business and society are dependent on knowledge and creativity. The project portfolio of CEnSE contains both research of general applicability and projects that are directed towards specific stakeholders.

CEnSE is primarily financed by external funding. This means that many projects are run in collaboration with different partners in academia as well as in business and policymaking organizations. This also means that the research agenda of CEnSE is largely formed by its current project portfolio.

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