CEnSE People


  • Johan Klaesson

    Professor, Director of CEnSE
    Johan’s research interests include understanding the location of economic activity, economies of agglomeration, productivity and economic growth in regions and cities.
  • Mikaela Backman

    Associate Professor, Co-Director of CEnSE
    Mikaela’s research focuses on regional development and how the knowledge and skills of the individuals bring benefits to the individual, firm and location.
  • Sofia Wixe

    Assistant Professor, Economics, Co-Director CEnSE
    Sofia’s research interest is in regional economics, focusing on how location, human capital and diversity relate to economic outcomes at both individual, firm, and regional level.


  • Akram Mahmoudi

    PhD Candidate, Statistics
    Akram's research interest is in method development for survival analysis and generalized linear models. The new improved methods will be applied on wide range of economic data.
  • Aleksandar Petreski

    PhD Candidate, Economics
    Currently, the center of Aleksandar's research interest are the spatial phenomena within the financial system, including the spatial dimension of property market dynamics.
  • Amare Fentie Tareke

    PhD Candidate, Economics
    Amare’s research interest and experience lies in Energy economics, Agricultural economics and development economics.Specifically, his research currently focuses on the impact evaluation of energy and development policy interventions.
  • Amedeus Malisa

    PhD Candidate, Economics
    Amedeus research interests are in public economics and development economics with a focus on family policies, pensions and retirement decisions.
  • Andreas Stephan

    Professor, Economics
    Andreas Stephan’s research interests are in the areas of green finance, SME and startup finance, banking, regulation, asset pricing and financial markets. Current projects deal with green bonds, ESG and stocks’ risk, and the financing of innovation.
  • Andrea Schneiderexternal link, opens in new window

    Assistant Professor, Economics
    Andrea’s research primarily focuses on public economics, especially, on the competition for multinational firms. At CEnSE she currently conducts research on effects of short-term rental platforms on spatial redistribution.
  • Charlotta Mellander

    Professor, Economics
    Charlotta’s research focuses on cities, the urban-rural divide, migration patterns across regions and how geography tend to affect most things in our lives.
  • Daniel Pittino

    Associate Professor, Business Administration
    Daniel's main research interests are corporate governance from an organizational perspective, corporate governance issues in small and medium enterprises and family firms, alliances and inter-organizational relationship between small and medium enter...
  • Emma Lappi

    PhD Candidate, Economics
    Emma’s research interests are in applied industrial organization and labour economics with a focus on entrepreneurship, labour mobility, and productivity.
  • Hans Westlund

    Professor of Entrepreneurship
    Hans’ research covers multidimensional aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation, social capital and urban, regional and rural development in Sweden and internationally, primarily in China.
  • Helena Nilsson

    PhD Candidate, Economics
    The focus of Helena’s research is on retail and regional economic development. More specifically, she studies the effects from- and the determinants of- retail location.
  • Imoh Antai

    Assistant Professor, Business Administration
    Imoh ’s research interests primarily include conceptualization of Supply chain vs. Supply chain competition. Imoh undertakes research within project management, digital transformation, humanitarian and emergency relief chains.
  • Johannes Hagen

    Assistant Professor, Economics
    Johannes conducts research primarily within the field of public finance with a special interest in retirement behaviour and pensions. He is currently involved in a CEnSE research project on senior entrepreneurship.
  • Johan P Larsson

    Assistant Professor, Economics
    Johan’s research interests concern the geographical aspects of industrial dynamics, entrepreneurship and labour markets. A particular focus is on the empirics of agglomeration economies, neighbourhood effects, and their spatial reach.
  • Jonna Rickardsson

    PhD Candidate, Economics
    Jonna is doing research in the area of regional economics with a focus on media consumption and behavioral economics.
  • Kristofer Månsson

    Professor, Statistics
    Kristofer's main research focus is the statistical analysis of economic data with special focus on time series analysis and microeconometrics.
  • Lars Pettersson

    Research Fellow, Economics
    Lars Petterson research interests and analyses is within the area of regional and urban Economics, with special focus on the housing market, residential location, segregation, and the role of accessibility (infrastructures) for regional growth and de...
  • Lina Bjerke

    Associate Dean of Faculty
    Lina’s research interest is in regional economics with a focus on migration of human capital and regional innovation systems in urban and rural areas.
  • Lucia Naldi

    Professor, Business Administration
    Lucia Naldi main research focuses on growth and development of small and young firm. She is also interested in entrepreneurship in different contexts, including family firms and firms located in rural areas.
  • Magdalena Markowska

    Assistant Professor, Business Administration
    Magdalena’s main research interest is in entrepreneurial identity, entrepreneurial decision-making and contextual embeddedness as well as plant-based food and gourmet cuisine.
  • Orsa Kekezi

    Research Fellow, Economics
    Orsa’s research interests lie in the intersection of labour and regional economics, with a focus on labour mobility and its consequences for job matching, knowledge spillovers, and regional development.
  • Pia Nilsson

    Associate Professor, Economics
    Pia´s research are in the intersection between regional economics, agricultural economics and development economics and she is interested in the economic aspects of agricultural growth and transition in a developed and developing country context.
  • Pingjing Bo

    PhD Candidate, Economics
    Pingjing’s research interests are in Industrial Organization and Media Economics with a focus on the hospitality industry and businesses that operate on online platforms.  
  • Sara Johansson

    Assistant Professor, Economics
    Sara is currently involved in several research projects on innovation and innovation systems, with specific focus on small firms. Other research interests are geographical aspects of knowledge sharing and learning.
  • Tina Wallin

    Assistant Professor, Economics
    Tina’s main research interest is regional economics, with a focus on firm renewal and how regional conditions, such as knowledge, firm activities and institutions, contribute to shaping that process.
  • Özge Öner

    Assistant Professor, Economics
    Özge Öner’s research is rooted in Urban and Regional Economics. Özge’s research deals with several issues in relation to spatial determinants of consumption, particularly focusing on the location dynamics of retail markets and hospitality sector. She...


  • Esteban Lopez

    Assistant Professor
    Esteban Lopez is currently an Assistant Professor of the Business School and a Postdoctoral Fellow of the Center of Economics and Regional Policy (CEPR) of the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI) at Viña ...
  • Martin Andersson

    Professor, Economics
    Martin’s research primarily focuses on business dynamics, entrepreneurship, urban economics and agglomeration economies, geography of growth and innovation, and digitization.