Amedeus Malisa presented his Final Seminar 26.01.2022


Ph.D. Candidate in Economics and CEnSE member Amedeus Malisa presented his Final Seminar entitled: Pensions, Investment Behaviour and Financial Fraud Victimization

Amedeus Malisa held his final seminar for his thesis titled “Pensions, Investment Behaviour and Financial Fraud Victimization”. The discussant was Docent Anders Anderson from the Swedish House of Finance. The thesis comprises four independent chapters, each looking at different aspects of household finance research questions that have policy relevance using the Swedish administrative data. In the first two chapters, Amedeus exploits a natural experiment in the context of the Swedish Premium Pension System, where some savers, but not others, were exposed to financial fraud. The primary focus is to understand the type of savers more likely to be victimised and if investors react appropriately by divesting when fraud allegations become public. The third chapter uses geographical variation in the distribution of information letters to investigate how an information intervention interacts with the trading behaviour among savers in the Swedish Premium Pension. Finally, the last chapter addresses how grand-parenthood shapes the labour supply of grandparents around their retirement period and its effect on the distance/mobility of households.

final seminar