Casting Innovation Centre (CIC) is an international arena within resource- and cost effective cast products, in order to support within research-, development, innovation and competence development

This means that;

  • Casting Innovation Centre is an arena and hub for the Swedish foundry research- and competence development
  • Casting Innovation Centre is an international arena, with research groups within the international elite
  • Casting Innovation Centre supports the European industry to develop and produce resource- and cost effective cast components

Casting Innovation Centre is built on the strong collaboration between industrial partners, academia, research institutes and society. The partners are RISE, Jönköping University and the Swedish Foundry Association. This approach provides "Technology and Knowledge Transfer” between the partners , to allow efficiently transfers of research and development through test and demonstration into commercial results and products. By a strategic focus on test- and demonstration, the Casting Innovation Centre acts as a catalyst for applied research targeting the implementation new knowledge and technology, through efficient verification capabilities and industrial implementation.

CIC will lead to

  • Sustainable strategic competence development – external and internal
  • The possibility to attract international experts
  • Growth within the Swedish industry, institutes and academy in collaboration
  • Competence and recruitment base for the Swedish industry (national and internationally), wich will lead to increased growth and competetiviness for the Swedish industry,


  • 2004 Cooperation agreement I
  • 2007 Start of Competence Centre - Institute Excellence Center - Patent Rhecasting
  • 2008 Patent/Environment innovation, Nayvoc
  • 2010 Cooperation Agreement II
  • 2013 Roadmap - Cast components
    Start of Lightweight innovation programme
    Start of strategic innovation programme Metallic Materials
    Start of Foundry master 3.0
  • 2015 Start of JU Cast (Pilot Foundry for HPDC aluminium)
  • 2016 Start of Casting Demonstration Centre (Pilot Foundry for cast iron, steel and al)
    Investment of 3D printing (Exone)
    Cooperation agreement III