Strategic Agenda for a Sustainable Industry by 2035

Strategic Agenda for a Sustainable Industry by 2035

A competitive and sustainable domestic foundry industry is of great strategic importance to society and its opportunity for independent industrial supply. Cast components are vital components in a wide range of products needed in our daily lives. In addition, castings offer a high degree of reuse, making it an environmentally sustainable material. The agenda clarifies the industry's vision, goals and roadmap for a sustainable industry until 2035.

In the agenda, three development areas have been identified; attractive industry, advanced products and competitive and sustainable production. In 2035, the Swedish foundry industry will, among other things, be a natural career choice for technically interested people, a leader in function-optimized castings where different parts of a component can have different properties and be a climate-neutral industry.

Several of the proposed initiatives are aimed at large parts of the foundry industry and its suppliers and customers. Through increased and broader collaboration, the conditions for developing new, advanced materials and products are achieved. Technological progress is fast and the ability to implement new technology is crucial to increase the industry's flexibility, resource efficiency and competitiveness.

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