Health promotion work

  • Periodontitis and BMI - is there a correlation?
    Diabetes is one of the risk factors for periodontitis or tooth loss. At the same time, we know that being overweight and obesity can be one of the causes behind diabetes. Is there also a connection between the presence of periodontitis and obesity?
  • Jönköping Study
    The Jönköping Study is a unique study with more than 50 years of gathered data. If we want to plan for resource supply and education within dental health care, then it's vital to have a good knowledge of the dental health and dental care needs of the population as well as individual's own knowledge and attitudes towards dental health.

Clinical treatment research

  • Factors affecting treatment in TwinBlock treament
    How often does a removable brace need to be checked by the dentist and how much does a patient need to use the brace to get the desired effect? Can digital microsensors in braces help optimize wear time?
  • Treatment of missing maxillary lateral incisors – Aesthetics, economic aspects and patients´ experiences
    Patients who are missing one or two of their front teeth in the upper jaw are currently mainly treated with either gap closure or replacement of the missing tooth. Are the results of the two different treatment methods equivalent, do they cost society the same amount and what do the patients actually think of the treatment itself?
  • Standardization of test battery for assessment of orofacial function
    Orofacial function includes important functions such as breathing, chewing and swallowing along with verbal and non-verbal communication and feeling. Is it possible to compile a series of different tests in order to objectively provide an in-depth description of a person's orofacial function?

Digital technology and material

  • Robot cats as aids during dental visits for children with autism spectrum conditions
    Children with autism spectrum disorder can find it hard to cooperate in dental care situations because of difficulties with social interactions and communication. Can robot cats help children increae their concentration?
  • Materials research in cobolt/chromium
    What do we know about the use of new metals to build prosthetics on teeth and implants? Could a base alloy like cobalt-chromium be an option? What effects does such an alloy have on the patient?