Here you can find all texts that have been published under "Current within CuEEd-LL".

  • Final seminar - Björn Bradling

    Welcome to Björn Bradling's final seminar in pedagogy on Thursday at 13:00. In Swedish!

  • Article published in Language Sciences

    Scarlett Mannish, PhD student in CuEEd-LL, has received her article "Tracking identity in minority language policy: a reflexive approach to hybrid concepts in the language sciences"

  • CuEEd-LL in South Africa

    Ylva Lindberg, Professor of Education at HLK, and the national graduate school Culturally Empowering Education (CuEEd-LL) travelled to South Africa in April to both share and receive new perspectives in collaboration with South African researchers.

  • Dissertation defence - Malin Reljanovic Glimäng

    Phd student Malin Reljanovic Glimäng defends her thesis.The title of her thesis is "Reading the world through virtual exchange: Critical interculturality and glocal awareness in English teacher education."

  • Nordic Conference on Racism and Education

    A two-day summit of talks, activities, and multidisciplinary discussions on the role, experiences and practices of racism as well as ethnic and religious discrimination in the educational sector. Registration open until 15 april.

  • The special issue Culture on the Move in the journal EDUCARE has been published.

    Culture on the Move is the first publication initiative in the CuEEd-LL research school. This kind of collective engagement in the thematic focus of CuEEd-LL supports the development of the area. Within our networks, we see several opportunities for similar initiatives in the future that we hope many CuEEd-LL members will participate in.

  • Björn Bradling presents his thesis

    Welcome to take part in Björn Bradling's doctoral thesis "Transformative learning and culturally enabling literature teaching in upper secondary school" (Transformativt lärande och kulturellt möjliggörande litteraturundervisning på gymnasiet) on November 27 at 01:15-03:00 p.m. (in Swedish)

  • Higher Seminar in Bilingualism

    Minority language policy in Sweden: Colonial logic and affective resistance.

  • Professor Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta was the keynote speaker at the EARLI conference

    On August 22 - 26, the 20th EARLI conference was held in Thessaloniki. Several PhD students from CuEEd-LL participated and presented and Professor Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta was the keynote speaker.

  • Planning seminar Björn Hagström

    Tuesday 2 May at 13:15 - 15:00 Björn Hagström holds his planning seminar. Welcome to take part in this.