Here you can find all texts that have been published under "Current within CuEEd-LL".

  • Planning seminar Björn Hagström

    Tuesday 2 May at 13:15 - 15:00 Björn Hagström holds his planning seminar. Welcome to take part in this.

  • Matthew Glass and Scarlett Mannish presented at AAAL 2023

    At the end of March, CuEEd-LL PhD students Matthew Glass and Scarlett Mannish were in Portland at the AAAL conference and presented their work.

  • In Search of Epistemic Justice

    A conversation with Stefan Helgesson  (Stockholm) and Zhang Longxi  (City University of Hong Kong) on world literature and epistemic justice. Professors Helgesson and Zhang will present their two most recent monographs: Decolonisations of Literature  (Liverpool University Press, 2022) and World Literature as Discovery: Expanding the World Literary Canon  (Routledge, Forthcoming). Their presentations will be followed by a Q&A.

  • Idea seminar with Nicolas Femia

    Welcome to Nicolas Femia's idea seminar "Erfarenheter av (o)möjliggörande: att dekonstruera språk och litteracitet på en skola i en svensk förort" (Experiences of (un)enabling: deconstructing language and literacy at a school in a Swedish suburb). The seminar is held in Swedish.

  • Planning seminar Alexander Brauer

    Tuesday 28 March at 13:00 - 15:00 Alexander Brauer holds his planning seminar. Note: In Swedish. Welcome to take part in this.

  • Postcritique Workshop

    An online workshop led by Rita Felski and hosted by the Center for Uses of Literature, University of Southern Denmark
    Friday November 10 and Saturday November 11, 2023

  • Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta gives an invited keynote

    The international conference "Changing Scenario in Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion of Divyangjan" is held in New Delhi, India on February 8 - 10.

  • CUEED-LL retreat 1–3 march in Stockholm

    On March 1-3, a retreat will be held in the Gula villan, Stockholm University. Invited guests; Martha Karrebæk, Vibha Sharma, Godwin Siundi and Isaie Kadhafi. Read the entire program.

  • Towards a better language society

    On January 12, Scarlett Mannish participated in the event Vision and innovation in the language society, arranged by the Language Council and the Swedish Academy.

  • Seminar at Jönköping University

    MSCA scholar Florencia Enghels, responsible for one of the seminars in course IV in CuEEd-LL, will give a seminar at JU the 21st of February at 10 o’clock.You are welcome to participate online by contacting Professor Renira Gambarato –