Futures of decolonization

WiSER warmly invites you to the next session in our series on the futures of decolonization.

Today we still do not have a precise idea of what a truly decolonized knowledge might look like. Nor do we yet have a theory of knowledge as such that might compellingly underpin the injunction to decolonize. Because of the need for both a theory of knowledge and a theory of institutions, should we conclude, as some have suggested, that the injunction to decolonize may be, at least for the time being, better understood as a compensatory act whose function is to heal what amounts to racial shame?

To focus on these questions, Achille Mbembe (author of Out of the Dark Night. Essays on Decolonization) will hold a series of three in-depth conversations with Ato Quayson (author of Tragedy and Postcolonial Literature), Pedro Monaville (author of Students of the World; Global 1968 and Decolonization in the Congo) and Ousseina Alidou (editor of Writing through the Visual and Virtual).

Session One : Ato Quayson - Wednesday, 5th October @6pm

Session Two: Pedro Monaville - Thursday, 13th October @6pm

Session Three: Ousseina Alidou - Thursday, 20th October @6pm

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