Jönköping Academy's logo with the three circles symbolises the systems approach with clinical microsystems, which is used in the research and quality improvement work in health and welfare.

The Clinical microsystem is a concept that is now used in research and theories of improvement work. The innermost ring symbolizes the microsystem - the group of staff, including the patient or service user, who regularly work together to ensure the best possible patient experience. The middle ring is the mesosystem - the clinic, the department, the unit. Ultimately, there is the macro level - for example, the county council or the surrounding community.

A clinical microsystem is a group of professionals who work together on a regular basis, including the patient and the IT support used. The microsystem can also be said to include the place and environment where patients and carers meet. The group shares common values, goals, information, is part of the same process and together produces an outcome.

The microsystem has both clinical and financial goals, collaborative processes, shared information and together creates results.

The clinical microsystem is part of a larger, more complex system, called the meso, i.e. the intermediate level, such as the clinic level. In addition to the micro and meso levels, there is the macro level, which is the overall level, such as the surrounding community.