• Samskapa - a coproduction research programme, Forte Sofia Kjellström, Kristina Areskoug-Josefsson, Bertil Lindenfalk, Daniel Masterson, Annika Nordin, Marlene Ockander
  • User-driven digital development in rural areas for health, welfare and attractiveness – a prestudy Djursdala kommun. Marlene Ockander, Bertil Lindenfalk
  • REACT-S, SPARK-environment, KK-foundation. Sofia Kjellström
  • LearnOvation, a leadership interventions study for innovation in primary care, Vinnova. Sofia Kjellström, Gunilla Avby, Kristina Areskoug Josefsson
  • Multi-functional urban outdoor preschool settings and the promotion of health and ecosystem services - An investigation of collaborative processes. Sofia Kjellström (+ researchers at HLK)
  • Meetingplace Social Innovation, a national knowledge platform for social innovation. Marlene Ockander, Sofie Rotstedt
  • Social Innovation for Regional Development (SIRU) - European Regional Development Fund, Region Jönköping County, Jönköping University and Coompanion Jönköpings Län - Marlene Ockander, Paul Nystedt m.fl.
  • Leadership development systems-LDS- A program with purpose to develop a
    more systematic approach to leadership development. Sofia Kjellström (+ researchers at HHJ)