Sonny Johansson - Teacher of the Year 2022

The award for Teacher of the Year at JTH 2022 was given during JTH’s graduation ceremony on the 3rd of June. During the spring semester, all students could nominate their favourite teachers to HI EDUCATION, the education committee, and close to 50 teachers were acknowledged for their achievements. The prize, a red glass apple, was given to Sonny Johansson, Programme Manager for IT Infrastructure and Network Design.

Sonny Johansson, teacher of the year at JTH 2022

Sonny Johansson, Teacher of the Year at JTH 2022.

Sonny’s win was motivated by students saying how he always comes in with great energy and enthusiasm, and that he always goes above and beyond expectations and trust. Ishaan Chandok, head of HI EDUCATION, gave out the award.

Sonny Johansson porträtt

"I feel incredibly honored to receive Teacher of the Year, said Sonny Johansson. It is a confirmation that the students are pleased with their education and with me as a teacher. The last few years have been very special, of course, with adaptions for distance learning that have made it more difficult to build strong connections with the students."

Sonny receives the Teacher of the Year award for the second time. The first win came in 2017 when he was still new to teaching, and to receive this award again is a testament to his high competence and consistent engagement with the students.

"A year ago, I became a father, Sonny states. After all these Zoom-lectures and sleepless nights it was, for me, rather unexpected to be awarded Teacher of the Year. At the same time, he concludes, that makes it a little extra honoring."